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Celebrating 85 Years in Produce Industry


Our mission is to deliver safe, high-
quality, defect-free tomatoes, at a
competitive price, in a timely manner.

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We deliver the ripest and brightest 90% defect-free tomatoes to your retail business, restaurant, or food service company, at a competitive price, and in a timely manner.

Ray & Mascari Inc. is a privately owned family business with over 150 years of collective experience in the tomato repacking industry.

Since 1960 – we do one thing, and we feel we do it very well. Ray & Mascari, Inc. has a proven track record that extends across the Midwest and along the East Coast, and we have the necessary elements to serve you and your customers now and well into the future.

A Proven Track Record with the Retail and the Foodservice Industries

Understanding and mastering the tomato is no small feat. For decades, Ray & Mascari has made the art of repacking and distributing high-quality, defect-free tomatoes a family endeavor. Through hard work and dedication, Ray & Mascari has become one of the largest repacker of Food Safe tomatoes for retail and foodservice customers across the Midwest and along the East Coast. Through our own monitoring processes, we’re able to deliver on the promise that your tomato products will be at the right color stage and 90% defect-free, every time. We don’t want to just earn your business, we want to keep it!

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